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Cafe Iterum

About Us

In a world of ever-increasing problems, let us worry about fueling you better throughout the day, we look to fix problems with our food and restaurant industry so you don't have to worry about that. We treat our employees better, serving higher quality food from a scratch kitchen using sustainable ingredients and coffee and beverage using the best sourcing available.

Zero Waste in East Boston

Cafe Iterum serves high quality progressive American cafe fare with boutique coffee and beverages from a scratch kitchen. We deliver modern and delicious food that has the familiarity of classic comfort food based around a fusion of world cuisine to create a unique take on American fare. We are here with a high end coffee and beverage menu for the morning commuters, telecommuters, residents and people with businesses in East Boston, providing not only coffee but a place for meetings and working.

About The Chef/ Owner:

Matthew McPherson brings a passion for food that started while he was growing up in rural upstate New York is the youngest of four children. The value of food and where it comes from was instilled in him from a family that cooked from scratch and sourced from local and fresh ingredients because that is the proper way to cook. Family gatherings and holidays are centered around food and the kitchen. This showed the importance of food and how it draws people together... Chef Matt is currently a Chef in Boston, MA. He has been part of some of the best restaurants including Menton and Porto in Boston, Mikla in Istanbul, and Public in New York City. His training in restaurants stretches to 11 years with a degree in hospitality management. All the restaurants he has been a part of, with the addition to his education and his family upbringing, were focused on doing things the right way. Forcing you to challenge yourself and not waste anything. His philosophies and passion have been developed through analyzing restaurants and their operational systems since he stepped foot inside a kitchen many years ago. Chef Matt brings an acute attention to detail, vast working knowledge of food and systems, and 10 years of the Boston restaurant industry building an outstanding relationship with purveyors, vendors, and support are the keys to creating first-class restaurants. After 10 years in the Boston restaurant industry, Chef Matt brings an acute sense of detail and vast working knowledge while building strong relationships with vendors and purveyors that are the key to creating a first-class restaurant. You can see Chef Matt talking cooking on Food Networks: Chopped Soda Pop, or at his restaurant Cafe Iterum at Clippership Wharf in East Boston.